Did the rough roads do a number on your vehicle this season? Perhaps you have a new teen driver in the house? Either way, your Hyundai SUV was built for smooth performance, and over time it can become off-balanced. While this can cause plenty of problems, it’s also an easy fix. Find out if your Hyundai vehicle needs an alignment then ask our team at Van Horn Hyundai of Fond du Lac any questions.

What is an alignment?

Your Hyundai SUV is designed to balance on all four tires. A properly aligned car sits at a set angle for optimum performance. However, plenty of bumps and drive time can move your alignment around a bit and cause it to be misaligned. During your alignment, the technicians hook your car up to a machine to determine the precise angles. Our techs make small adjustments until the vehicle is sitting correctly.

Do I need an alignment?

Not all of the signs are obvious, which is why many manufacturers recommend an annual inspection at a minimum. Most suggest having your alignment checked each time you get your oil changed, or your tires rotated. However, if you notice any of these warning signs, then it’s a good idea to have it checked out at our Hyundai service center.

  • Excess wear on one or more tires
  • Vibration or pull in your steering wheel
  • Squealing tires

Hyundai service near Oshkosh

Before we start on your alignment, we’ll take your car for a test drive and inspect the undercarriage. We want to see for ourselves how your vehicle feels then visually note any issues with excess wear on the central suspension components. Once we’ve completed our review, then we’ll start on the alignment which usually only takes around an hour. Contact Van Horn Hyundai of Fond du Lac for a Hyundai service near Oshkosh today.