Have you ever come out of work on a hot summer day only to realize that you left a breakfast bar sitting on your seat? What a mess! Your car turns into a greenhouse when it sits out in the sun. Not only does this make for an uncomfortable experience, but it can also damage your interior. Protect your Hyundai with these recommendations from Van Horn Hyundai of Fond du Lac.

1. Park in a shady area

Just like with humans, you can keep your car healthy by taking steps to keep the sun away from your vehicle. A parking garage, home garage, or other covered area stops the sun from entering your windows. Since it blocks the rays, you won’t have to worry about your carpet or upholstery fading.

2. Use a sunshade

For those who have no choice but to park in a parking lot, you’ll find that accessories like a sunshade deliver added protection. A sunshade is easy to install and takes less than a minute. Plus, it folds or rolls up for convenient storage. Give our Wisconsin Hyundai dealership a call and ask about our accessories for your Hyundai Tuscon or Hyundai Sonata.

3. Increase air circulation

Eliminating the sun can’t stop your car from heating up, especially if you’re in a sunny location on the blacktop. However, you can crack each of your windows to help push out some of the hot air and allow circulation.

Protect your Hyundai from the sun by avoiding long periods of sun exposure. From parking in shady areas to cracking your windows, you can take steps to keep your car cool this summer. Our Hyundai dealership serving Oshkosh, WI can help you beat the heat this summer. Stop by Van Horn Hyundai of Fond du Lac today.